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We’ll use our state of the art scanning tool to retrieve your cars data. Your data will include codes, data and sensor information (good or bad). With those codes we can verify your car is running optimally. With the initial tests we’ll be able to perform pinpoint testing, this involves working thru diagrams, performing tests (mechanical & electrical) as well as a visual inspection of problem areas. From there we research “Technical Research Bulletins” to see if it is a known issue that effects a specific vehicle.   With a full grasp of the issue, we’ll explain the issue to you and then you decide if you are ready to repair. We’ll also pass on an estimate of cost and time to fix. Once approved for repair our service technicians get to work. Once repaired, we test and verify the repair. When we know all is good, you get the call, “You’re car is ready!”.

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Ready to Schedule Your Appointment?

Palm Harbor Auto Service 1010 Alternate 19 Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Phone: (727) 789-1756 Fax: (727) 781-5271


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